Symbolic Wedding Rites: adding a personal touch to your big day!

Symbolic wedding rites are the perfect way to personalise your wedding day and add further significance and wonderful unique twists and touches to your unforgettable event! Here are just a few inspiring ideas for symbolic ceremonies and elements, thanks to our wonderful brides and grooms who chose to personalise their wedding events…

Photographing the Groom’s Grooming – Guys Getting Wedding Ready!

We believe the groom’s grooming is an important aspect of a wedding day. and while there is a tendency to think that the boys’ preparations are less ceremonial and therefore less photographable, this is absolutely untrue – both the bride and the groom have pre-ceremony rituals and they’re equally camera-worthy. This is our guide to photographing the groom getting ready!

Our Guide to Wedding Customs & Traditions

There are so many symbols and traditions linked to weddings. Every culture – and at times it seems every family – has their own. Lots of popular modern wedding customs and traditions can be traced back to the Ancient Egyptians, the Ancient Romans and other old European practices. Often based around symbolism, superstition, religion or folklore, the true origins of many of the traditions we know, love and faithfully uphold, remain open to interpretation. Ranging from practical to mystical and from sinister to just plain bizarre, here are the origins and meaning of some of the more popular wedding symbols and traditions!

Marianna & Generoso’s Sorrento Wedding Testimonial

Dal profondo dei nostri cuori…   Abbiamo conosciuto Alfonso per caso, da una pubblicità su un sito internet, appena visti i suoi lavori è stato amore a prima vista! Senza alcun dubbio ci siamo affidati a lui e al suo incredibile e meraviglioso team, non potevamo sbagliare per il giorno più importante ed emozionante della nostra vita. Professionalità, esperienza, simpatia, savoir-faire…queste solo alcune delle caratteristiche incontrate. Tutto ciò non solo nel giorno del matrimonio, le fasi precedenti e successive non sono state da meno! Vedere i provini, scegliere insieme le foto da stampare per l’album finale, infine ricevere l’album e …

Getting Married Abroad: A Guide to Destination Weddings

More and more couples are choosing to marry abroad! There are so many advantages to a destination wedding and you really can create a unique and unforgettable experience for you and your guests. There are many great resources online to help couples considering or planning a destination wedding, whether alone or via a wedding planner. Here’s a short guide to destination weddings and to marrying abroad…