Our Italian Wedding Photography Style Guide

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Our Italian Wedding Photography Style Guide

An ancient Chinese proverb says ‘One picture is worth more than ten thousand words’…

Reportage photography is the art of capturing images to tell a story.

Reportage wedding photography, is the capturing of spontaneous, candid, creative images, documenting a moment as it naturally occurs.

A reportage wedding photographer aims to tell the story of your wedding day – not dictate it – capturing the beauty and the art in reality!

Reportage photography places an emphasis on a photographer capturing every moment of a wedding, expecting and being prepared for everything and anything, during this dynamic event. As reportage photographers, we follow you and your guests through your wedding day, capturing events as they unfold, with minimal interference, to tell the story of your day. We fade into the background and become invisible observers in order to capture candid, un-posed moments as they occur.


 However there is more to your wedding day photography than simply shooting in the reportage style. Our creativity and your style, your personality and the atmosphere of your wedding day are all elements that influence and personalise your wedding photographs.

Though, as reportage photographers, we capture candid, spontaneous moments, we also incorporate elements of other photographic styles to enhance our wedding photography. There are many buzz words and terms used to describe photographic styles and techniques, however in essence there are a number of broad-term approaches that can be incorporated with reportage to create the perfect photographic blend for each couple and each setting.

On our website you can find lots of examples of how we tailor our photography style to the unique personalities and creative wishes of our brides and grooms. Here is a concise guide to just some of the different photographic elements that can be creatively and beautifully incorporated with reportage wedding photography.


Many couples feel an element of portraiture is important in their wedding photography, frequently for group photographs or pictures of the couple. Portraiture, can be formal or informal and while directed, doesn’t have to be posed and doesn’t have to be particularly classic or traditional. Natural or unusual settings, unique perspectives, lighting effects and a dramatic, fun or high fashion flavour can add more interesting and edgy elements to this style.


Fine Art

Fine art photography is considered to be a contrast to reportage photography as it captures the creative vision of a photographer as an artist. An element of fine art photography allows you to capture that special something that drew you to chosen photographer’s work. Fine art photographs can be digitally enhanced during post-production, in order to create stunning and dramatic  images, worthy of a museum or art gallery. Photographs captured against a backdrop of one of Italy’s romantic landscapes or magnificent historical structures s can turn beautiful wedding images into true works of art!


High Fashion

Hints of high fashion photography can add a striking, dramatic element to your wedding photographs. Artistic, glamorous or just for fun, high fashion shots are particularly suited to showing off your wedding attire and for shots of the bride & groom. Like fine art images, high fashion images can be digitally enhanced during post production, to intensify and exaggerate their natural glamour and drama.


Natural Light

The natural light found in a particular settings can make an interesting and evocative alternative to use of a camera flash. Whether in black and white or colour, natural light shots allow us to capture the true mood, atmosphere and colours of a moment or setting, giving photographs a very real feel.


Illustrative Photography

An interesting blend of reportage, artistic, and more traditional photography, capturing the feel of candid shots in a more controlled creative environment. This style is all about illustrating a concept, it relies heavily on the creativity of the photographer and emphasises composition, lighting and backdrop. In the context of a wedding, illustrative photography is frequently used to capture the relaxed interaction between subjects in a fun or interesting setting.


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