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Professional Wedding Photographer Capri: Only collect the pictures you absolutely love

As a Capri professional wedding photographer, it is our goal to document the joy of two people becoming one. Our team is inspired just by observing the contagious smiles on everyone’s faces. We will devote our time to taking photos that accurately capture your reality. Since we don’t think about making things up, we concentrate on real, organic emotions.

We’ll capture your joy when your partner kneels down and you’re kissing each other as you make the commitment to spend the rest of your lives together. the feelings that will surface in your eyes as soon as you look at your true love. The genuine joy that emanates from the feeling of fulfillment after finally being “ONE,” as well as the spontaneous smiles that appear on your faces as you exchange marriage vows. We want to walk alongside you on this emotional journey if you have chosen to pop the question or tie the knot with your soul mate on the stunning Capri islands. Your enduring love will be perfectly complemented by Capri’s entrancing natural beauty. Your magnificent romance will be enhanced by the clear blue waters and lush hills in the background.

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One of the most elegant wedding locations in Italy is Capri, which is well known for this. Even more so if you imagine the recognizable Dolce Vita lifestyle being created by celebrities in sunglasses in the 1960s. The same can be said for the leisurely summertime strolls through Via Camerelle’s upscale clothing stores. Not to mention the must-try Aperol Spritz cocktail served during the beautiful sunset hours in the renowned Piazzetta. The Capri Palace is one of the many wedding locations in Capri, and in my opinion, it best captures the tranquil and opulent atmosphere of the Island. Given the upscale atmosphere and stunning views from its terrace, it is undoubtedly one of my favorite upscale hotels in Capri.

On the other hand, Capri’s rocky coastline provides breathtaking views of the natural world. The breathtaking views can be enjoyed by hikers by ascending Monte Solaro, which is also reachable by chairlift. An excellent option for your outdoor elopement in Capri.

Think like Professional Wedding Photographer Capri

As a Capri professional wedding photographer, we recognize and value the unique differences that each couple brings to the table. Each image will be customized while taking into account your distinct personality. The deep love you two have for one another will be reflected in every one of our photos. In order to accurately portray the sincerity of your relationship, we will pay close attention to detail.

If you’d like to contact us after viewing the photos to relive real love, devotion, and passion, please do so. For a lifetime of memories, hire our wedding photographers in Capri.

As we simply enjoy the day with you and document all of the little details that will make your wedding unique and special to you, we love to capture each moment from a real, candid angle. 

Why make an investment in Professional Wedding Photographer Capri

One of the biggest investments you can make on your wedding day is hiring a professional photographer, hence the word “invest.” The biggest day of your life is worth investing in. They will serve as a reminder of the wonderful memories that so easily fade for you and your family for years to come. Invest in a photographer who is organized, competent, and skilled at enhancing the beauty of your photos.

I invite you to send me a message using the contact form if you are organising an event in Capri and would like to learn more about my wedding collections and availability.

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