The Villa Antiche Mura sits elegantly on a cliff edge, overlooking the sea, the bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius, just outside of the centre of Sorrento. Within perfect walking distance of the centre of Sorrento, this charming villa is just far enough out of the bustle of town to feel like your own private paradise, and it is a fabulous setting for a wedding or a special event.

Reached along an expansive, this beautiful villa sits in pretty, tranquil gardens and offers two extremely large terraces with stunning panoramas. The villa itself has a beautifully-decorated, refined interiors, in particular the indoor dining room.  Villa Antiche Mura perfectly blends the elegance and charm of a luxury venue with the welcoming atmosphere and feel of being in your own private, and exclusive, villa. The villa’s two terraces,  are perfect not only for aperitifs, dinner and dancing but also as the ceremony setting for wedding  ceremonies. Exchanging wedding vows against the beautiful panorama of the Sorrentine Peninsula is a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

The villa itself is a stunning template that can be tailored to you to ensure you have a unique, unforgettable and perfect wedding day. Superlative attention is given to every little detail of a wedding celebration, to ensure that each wedding is a truly unique, personal event. Together with the help of the villa’s staff, couples choose tables, lights, decorations and plan the creative layout of their special event within the villa’s various beautiful outdoor and indoor ambiences. Couples can personalise every aspect of the Villa Antiche Mura to make your charming wedding reception in Sorrento a day to remember!

The delicious and creative menus offered at the villa also include a beautiful, customised wedding cake created by the in-house pastry chef. And after the sun sets, as it so spectacularly does, filling the sky with the most wonderful orange then amber light, in the very evocative atmosphere lit by candles and lights in the trees, you can dance the night away to pre-recorded music or the sounds of a live band or deejay.

Charlotte and Ben celebrated their dreamy wedding day in Sorrento at the San Francesco Cloisters and Villa Antiche Mura.

The charming UK couple exchanged ‘I do’s’ in the idyllic setting of the San Francesco Cloisters on a sunny September day. Beautiful bride Charlotte was accompanied by her mum  as she walked down the white carpeted aisle to join dapper groom Ben.

During the ceremony, the couple sat on pretty gold chairs decorated with ‘sposo’ (groom) and ‘sposa’ (bride) signs. Guests sat on matching gold chairs decorated with pretty pastel floral arrangements.

After the ceremony, and photographs alone together and with guests in the Cloisters, Charlotte and Ben hopped into their antique white wedding car for a drive through the streets of Sorrento before stopping for photographs in some of the town’s prettiest spots.

Charlotte and Ben’s wedding reception was held at the sublime Villa Antiche Mura, where, among the charming and delectable decorative elements chosen by the bride and groom, was a huge light-up Mr & Mrs sign!

As the sun began to set across the sea, towards Bay of Naples, Charlotte and Ben followed the villa’s private pathway which winds down and through the cliffside, towards a secluded little beach, where they captured some stunning photographs as the sky transformed from bright blue to myriad shades of red, orange and gold, painting the scene with a delightfully dreamy glow.

Before the cutting of Charlotte and Ben’s pretty tiered wedding cake, the couple and their family members released white and lemon coloured balloons from one of the villa’s terraces, before Charlotte and Ben’s romantic first dance.

Charlotte and Ben’s dreamy wedding day – which included an ice-cream cart, a candy station full of delicious sweet treats and a fun photo booth – was planned to perfection by their wonderful Sorrento wedding planner.

Cheryl Pagano of Bella Sposa.

According to a poll by YouGov on behalf of a UK insurance company insurance, almost one in four British couples now marries abroad. This figure does seem a little high and is difficult confirm statistically, however, the fact remains that over the past couple of years over 400,000 British brides and grooms have married abroad and there is a definite trend towards destination weddings.

In fact, the UK’s largest travel association, ABTA, revealed that over 1.5 million people were planning to travel abroad to a wedding tuin 2014, either as a guest or as part of a wedding party.

The main reasons given by couples, for choosing a destination wedding, are better weather, escaping unwanted guests and the chance to combine their wedding and honeymoon. Naturally, the ‘wow’ factor of offering your guests a wedding celebration abroad and the truly ‘once in a lifetime’ experience of marrying away from home are great motivators.

Cost is also considered an important factor as many couples believe it is cheaper to marry abroad than in their own country. Favourable exchange rates (when and where available) and a lower number of wedding guests contribute significantly to savings on wedding costs.

According to ABTA Members specialising in weddings abroad, Italy is among the top European destinations. The country has long been a preferred wedding destination for high-profile couples and has gained further popularity and press recently, thanks to George Clooney’s Venice wedding.

There are so many advantages to a destination wedding and you really can create a unique and unforgettable experience for you and your guests, however organising a wedding abroad can be a very challenging and potentially frustrating experience! It is also easier to marry in some countries than in others, due to factors such as minimum residency before marrying. Some countries, like Italy, ask for between 1 and 7 days residency, while in others, like France, a much longer residency or special dispensation is necessary in order to legally marry in the country.

I truly cannot overemphasise the importance, in my opinion, of a wedding planner. A professional, experienced wedding planner situated in or specialising in your chosen country will be able to provide you with a wealth of advice and information, help you avoid pitfalls and enable you to take advantage of their contacts and knowledge of trade secrets.

It is totally possible to plan your own wedding abroad and I personally know many brides who have DIY-ed their destination wedding and created amazing results. However, to do so requires an in-depth knowledge of all-things-wedding in your chosen country or the time, resources and, potentially, the finances, to develop this. Red tape, language barriers and cultural differences are only some of the issues you may hit upon in your efforts to create your dream wedding.

There are many great resources online to help couples considering or planning a destination wedding, whether alone or via a wedding planner.

In particular, the Weddings Abroad Guide website ( is a great resource for destination wedding couples. It is a completely unbiased source of advice, information, useful tips and, importantly, the real-life experiences of real wedding couples. The site features a huge variety of wedding destinations in Europe, the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean, Asia, Australasia and Africa and covers all aspects of planning a wedding.

Having planned her own destination wedding in France, with all it’s challenges and satisfactions, the website’s creator Natalie Wingrove, wanted somewhere to share the priceless knowledge and experience she had gained during the wedding planning process, and so the Weddings Abroad Guide was born! The ethos behind the site is, in Natalie’s words, ‘To provide trusted, independent, information and advice to couples planning their wedding abroad’.

The site guides you through all of the stages involved in planning a wedding from the most serious aspects to the most fun elements! For those couples searching for a wedding planner or specific wedding services, there are details of recommended wedding service and product suppliers. And for couples planning their own wedding abroad, there is also a helpful guide to doing so. The personal experiences and inspirational stories of real-life brides and grooms are an invaluable element and provide helpful hints, tips and ideas and recommend destinations, venues and suppliers.

The website buzzes with Natalie’s passion for weddings abroad, based on her own fabulous experience. Natalie says she cannot recommend getting married abroad highly enough and the Wedding Abroad Guide website is the perfect resource to help you do this!

Naturally I would always recommend Italy, with its beautiful sunshine, amazing food, charismatic people and breathtaking backdrops, as the perfect destination for a wedding abroad. From the majesty of cities such as Rome, Florence and Verona, the unique and colourful beauty of Venice. From the charm of the Amalfi Coast and Italian Lakes to the lush Tuscan countryside, Italy is the home of romance and there truly is no end to the fabulous wedding destinations available! Wherever you do choose to marry, at home or abroad, your day will be an amazing, unrepeatable event that will live in your memory forever!

Visit our wedding photo galleries, to be inspired and tempted by the amazing Italian wedding destinations available as well as other beautiful European wedding destinations.



Love knows no boundaries.

Love makes no difference whether man or woman.

Love is magic and immeasurable and now finally also in Italy.

The law is now legally recognized if celebrated in Italy! Not only symbolic ceremonies can be hold, but also legally recognized ceremonies between two men or two women! It is still a relatively new process for Italian citizens as well as for international couples. There are some differences to the planning and preparation of documents of a civil union ceremony.


Since the law had passed in 2016, civil unions were beginning to take place in Italy for sex couples, but it seemed there had been a UK couple Peninsula or the Amalfi Coast. Dean & Mark  to have an intimate, family-only ceremony – a private event on the sea view terrace of Villa Fondi in Piano di Sorrento, one of the lovely Sorrento. As regular visitors, they stayed in the stylish Park of the Princes where they had pre-ceremony photography with their photographer Alfonso Longobardi

As this was a giant leap – and an iconic moment – for all foreign same sex weddings in Italy, our grooms were able to ride in style with one of Italy’s iconic cars, a stunning red vintage Fiat 500.

Wedding Planner:  Accent Events

Celebrant: Carmela Cesarano

Photographer:  Alfonso Longodardi 

Fiat 500 Car: Fiat 500 Sorrento Wedding 

Grooms’ Buttonholes: Giuseppe e Luisa Terrecuso Fiori Sorrento 

Prosecco Truck: Ciro Pane Ape Street Food 

Violinist: Mario Generali

Jennifer and Paul’s dreamy wedding day was celebrated in sunny Sorrento in early June.

Beautiful bride Jennifer and her bridesmaids prepared for the day’s events at the Grand Hotel La Favorita, in the centre of Sorrento.

Following the couple’s civil wedding ceremony in the charming Cloister of Saint Francis, Jennifer and Paul wandered around some of Sorrento’s lovliest spots for photographs together.

Jennifer and Paul visited the Giardini di Cataldo – a lovely, shady family owned orchard of varied citrus and walnut trees, used in the making of the family’s renowned, artisan liqueurs, jams and ice creams – before joining their guests for the wedding reception events.

Jennifer and Paul’s wedding reception was held at the Hotel Mediterraneo, a stylish, modern, Mediterranean style 4 star hotel overlooking the sea.

The couple and their guests enjoyed drinks and nibbles in the hotel’s pretty gardens before heading up to the spectacular skybar with its panoramic views across Sorrento, the surrounding coastline and across the sea to the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius.

After emotional speeches and a delicious dinner, Jennifer and Paul cut their wedding cake and performed their first dance before being joined by their families and friends to dance the night away under the stars.

Jennifer and Paul’s dreamy day was crafted and created by Cheryl Pagano of Bella Sposa. Here are a selection of shots from Jennifer and Paul’s wedding day.

Australian couple Margaret and Elias eloped to the Amalfi Coast. The lovely couple said ‘I do’ in the charming and bustling town of Amalfi with a wedding ceremony in the majestic Duomo di Sant’Andrea, Amalfi’s Cathedral.

Reached by a long staircase leading up from the lively main square, the Amalfi Duomo elegantly dominates its surroundings.

After the ceremony the bride and groom visited the nearby hamlet of Atrani, a tiny and bijou fishing village, where they strolled along the characteristic, winding passages and staircases, stopping in the picturesque main square and beach area.

Margaret and Elias then returned to Amalfi where they enjoyed the spectacular sea views from the main promenade before celebrating their marriage with an intimate wedding dinner at the Eolo restaurant. Margaret and Elias’ exquisite Amalfi Coast elopement was created for them by the very talented wedding planning team at The Amalfi Experience.

You can see further examples of Amalfi, Atrani and Amalfi Coast weddings in our wedding galleries. Here are just some of Margaret and Elias’ most memorable wedding moments.

In 1849, American publication Godey’s Lady Book, which was the Good Housekeeping of its day, announced to future brides that ‘Custom has decided, from the earliest ages, that white is the most fitting hue, whatever may be the material. It is an emblem of the purity and innocence of girlhood, and the unsullied heart she now yields to the chosen one’.The trend towards white as the colour of choice for a wedding dress was already very popular in Europe, thanks to Queen Victoria’s decision to wear a white dress for her wedding to Price Albert. Previously, European brides had tended towards a choice of wedding dress style, fabric and colour that reflected their wealth and social status. As such wealthier brides would often wear very elaborate, ornate and boldly colourful creations while less well-off brides would wear their ‘Sunday best’ as their wedding dress.

Towards the end of the 1940s Victorian style wedding dresses became popular again, but prior to this wedding dresses tended to follow the fashions of the period.Victoria chose white for her wedding dress so she could incorporate a favourite piece of lace and so doing, revolutionised the world of wedding dresses. White is a natural choice of colour for a wedding dress, symbolising innocence and purity and nowadays, Western wedding dresses are predominantly white or similar shades such ivory, eggshell, ecru and blush. However there is a real spirit of experimentation and self-expression among today’s brides.

…think about the time of year!

If you are marrying abroad the heat at your chosen time of year is a very important factor, you don’t want to feel uncomfortably hot or have difficulty moving on a summer’s day. So, thinner fabrics, less layers and strappy or strapless dresses are usually the perfect choice. In recent years I’ve noticed shorter wedding dresses becoming popular for destination weddings and if your legs are one of your good points then a shorter dress can look amazing and really help you make a statement.

Whereas if you’re marrying in autumn a mid or long sleeved dress, a heavier fabric or accessories such as a faux-fur shawl or jacket will not only look amazing but keep you wonderfully warm so you glow with happiness rather than turn blue with the cold! Today’s brides really are spoilt for choice, but I firmly believe, no matter how indecisive you may be as a person, there is a wedding dress out there for every bride and when you find yours and put it on for the first time, you will just know it’s the one. Good luck to all those intrepid girls heading out to find their dream dress…enjoy the experience, it’s one of the most fun preparations you’ll make for your wedding day!

Lisa and Paul celebrated their sassy and sophisticated wedding day in Sorrento. The glamorous couple said ‘I do’  in the picturesque setting of Sorrento’s San Francesco Cloister surrounded by sumptuous arrangements of beautiful white flowers.

Guests were gifted vibrant floral fans to keep them cool in the Sorrento sunshine during Lisa and Paul’s relaxed and romantic ceremony.After the bridal exit under a shower of rose petal confetti, Lisa and Paul strolled through the streets of Sorrento, soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying a little time alone together posing for fabulous photos in some of the town’s prettiest spots.

Then the newly-weds joined their guests at a nearby beautiful wedding villa, Villa Antiche Mura, for their post-ceremony celebrations where they were welcomed with cheers and a champagne toast.Following delicious drinks and nibbles on one of the villa’s infinity terraces, against spectacular sea views, and group photographs, guests were invited to the main wedding banquet on the villa’s gala dinner terrace.

The sumptuous dining scene was decorated with delicate drapes and pretty fairly lights and accented with an abundance of elegant white flowers and stylish gold candelabra.Wedding speeches, full of laughter and fun, were followed by the delicious gala dinner. While guests relaxed between courses, Lisa and Paul took a moment to enjoy the spectacular sunset from one of the villa’s terraces before rejoining their guests.

After the cutting of Lisa and Paul’s white-and-gold tiered wedding cake and their romantic first dance, the newly-weds were joined on the dance floor as guests kicked off their shoes and prepared to dance the night away.Lisa and Paul’s wedding day dreams were brought brilliantly to life by Cheryl Pagano of Bella Sposa and her Sorrento wedding planning team.You can find more Sorrento and Italy weddings in our wedding galleries and here are a selection of shots from Lisa and Paul’s sassy and sophisticated day!

Christina and Dalton celebrated the events of their sublimely stylish wedding day at the Hotel Marincanto, an hotel with an elegant Mediterranean atmosphere and appeal in Positano.

A very dapper Dalton awaited his stunning future bride Christina at the hotel’s charming 18th-Century Villa Incanto for their magical and emotional first look moment.

After which the couple spent a few moments taking advantage of the villa’s enchanting environs for photographs together.

Christina and Dalton’s sublimely romantic wedding ceremony was celebrated under a pretty, pastel floral arch, on the hotel’s panoramic wedding terrace. Against the spectacular backdrop of Positano, the Amalfi coastline and the sparkling Mediterranean waters,

Christina and Dalton exchanged hand-written vows and wedding rings, shared their first kiss and blended red and white wine to symbolise their joining in marriage before being declared husband and wife and making their bridal exit to the rapturous applause of their guests.

As day turned to night and atmospheric lights began to twinkle throughout the town, Christina and Dalton rejoined their guests for the delicious wedding banquet at the Marincanto’s Terrazza Celè restaurant, where a lovely, hand-painted, ceramic bottle of limoncello, the local lemon-flavoured liqueur, awaited each guest.

The couple and their guests enjoyed a delectable dinner among the terraces potted lemon trees and climbing plants, overlooking the stunning, night—time sea views.

Post-dinner wedding speeches were followed by the bride and groom’s romantic first dance and the lovely bride-and-father and groom-and-mother dances.

The cutting of Christina and Dalton’s delicious wedding cake and buffet of traditional Italian pastries and delicacies was followed by the gifting of beautiful keepsake hand-painted ceramic tiles as a memory of this special occasion for each of their guests.

Then the newlyweds and their guests relaxed and enjoyed the lovely nocturnal views and the enchanting atmosphere of Positano.

Monique and Ben married at the Villa San Giacomo, an elegant and charming private villa high in the hills of Positano but within easy walking distance of the centre of this picturesque Amalfi Coast town.

The stylish couple and their guests all stayed, and prepared for the wedding day, in the villa’s sumptuous rooms and suites. Monique and Ben’s wedding ceremony was celebrated in the villa’s verdant, flower-filled, tree-shaded Mediterranean garden with it’s magnificent views of Positano and its coastline.

After the ceremony and a celebratory toast with their guests, the couple walked from the villa, down the winding roads and narrow staircases to the centre of Positano, for photographs of the bride and groom. On their return to Villa San Giacomo, they joined their guests for the wedding speeches followed by the wedding banquet which featured a delicious array of traditional, local delicacies.

The bride and groom cut their delectable, artistically-prepared fresh fruit wedding cake and shared a toast with their guests before opening their wedding after-party with their specially-choreographed first dance.

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