Frequently Asked Questions

Alfonso is our Creative Director and one of our three Lead Photographers. Alfonso’s fellow Lead Photographers have both been chosen by Alfonso based on their wealth of experience and professionalism and their excellent technical and creative ability and vision which match Alfonso’s own.

Each of our Second Photographers has been handpicked and trained by Alfonso. Our photography teams consist of one Lead Photographer and one Second Photographer. This way, we capture as many possible fleeting and unrepeatable moments and emotions as possible during the wedding day and capture different perspectives on the events of the day.

After your wedding, regardless of the photography team that shoots during the day, it is Alfonso who is responsible for post-production work, selecting – from the many hundreds of images shot – the best of the best images to tell the story of your wedding day. Then it is Alfonso who retouches these final images and designs the layout of the wedding album.

This means that each and every final wedding picture and each and every album carries the Alfonso Longobardi signature for style and quality.

If you choose retouched final images/a final album as part of your photography service, It is possible, via our digital proofing service, for you to choose your own final wedding pictures from proof versions of all of the images from your wedding day.

However, as there are always hundreds of final images to choose from, it can be very difficult to select your final wedding pictures. If you prefer, you can shortlist a selection of images and allow Alfonso to make the final selection from this shortlist. Or, if you wish, you can leave the full selection of your final images to Alfonso.

Please remember that the digital proofing process period does lengthen the timescales for completion and delivery of your final images/wedding album.

We occasionally publish final photographs from weddings we shoot, on our website. If you specifically wish us not to, then we are happy to respect your privacy and not publish your pictures. You can specify this wish on the photography consent form that we ask you to complete as part of our booking confirmation process.

Each and every wedding day and wedding situation is different. Publishing a variety of final wedding pictures online is very important to us. It means we give you a true representation of the both quality and consistency and the variety and creativity of our work.

Though our Lead Photographers speak little English they do understand quite well – especially within the context and vocabulary of a wedding day. However, we appreciate how important communication between you and your photography team is, in order for you to feel comfortable and for us translate your hopes and wishes into the perfect photographs for you, therefore, each of Second Photographers is native English or speaks excellent English.

For both photography and videography, we use the Nikon D3, D750 and D700 professional cameras and the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and Mark III, all with highest quality Nikon D Series and Canon EF-USM and L Series lenses to cover a shooting spectrum from 14mm to 200mm. Our variety of lenses allows us to capture everything from the closest detail shot to the widest panoramic shot.

In our studio, we use the latest technology digital retouching and image processing software, then our album makers and print studio use the highest quality materials and processes in their work.

We shoot exclusively in the digital medium. Digital photography provides a much higher level of quality than traditional film photography. It is much more responsive to shooting conditions and allows us greater flexibility both while shooting and during post-production.

The digital medium allows us to capture hundreds and hundreds of images so no significant moment or emotion from your wedding day is lost. Digital photography allows us to turn beautiful pictures into works of art using the latest natural and flattering digital retouching techniques. It allows us to play with the use of colour and black & white.

If you choose retouched images/an album as part of your photography service, you also receive high resolution digital versions of each of these final images on digital support. You also receive, regardless of your chosen service and elements, copies of all of the original images captured during your wedding day, again, in high resolution and on digital support. These images are the digital photography version of a traditional film negative but have so many more advantages as each image can be copied, emailed or printed as often as you wish, without ever degrading in quality, unlike film negatives.

We shoot in a format known as RAW – this is the highest quality shooting format and captures all image data recorded by the sensor when we take a photo, without any of the image compression that occurs when shooting in other file formats. Aside from ensuring the greatest quality, detail and management of light, brightness and colour of images, RAW files facilitate any post-production and image manipulation. Your wedding images can be supplied to you as RAW, TIFF or JPEG files according to your preferences and requirements. Final retouched images are provided as highest resolution JPEGS (please contact us should you have different requirements or wishes).

One of the advantages of digital photography is that we can shoot in colour then flawlessly convert images to black & white during post-production allowing maximum flexibility in the choice between colour and black & white photography.

The number of images shot during each wedding is a very rough guide.

We absolutely don’t stop shooting once we reach a certain number of images and have been known to shoot over 2000 images during larger wedding packages. As long as there are moments and emotions for us to capture, then we keep shooting.

Our contract asks for 120 days for delivery of your final wedding package. This depends upon several factors including the photographic elements you select (e.g. original images only/retouched images/album and prints). Image selection, retouching and printing and album creation are processes that require time and attention to detail.

The quality of our work is of absolute importance to us, therefore we won’t risk the quality of your final pictures by rushing to complete work. However we appreciate just how eager you will be to see your final wedding album so we will do our absolute best to complete and deliver everything as soon as possible.

Our 120 day deadline is intended to cover our very busiest period or any potential delays created by our printers or album makers. Usually, we are able to complete work and deliver final packages within 6 to 8 weeks of the wedding day (for original image services) and within 6 to 8 weeks of receiving your chosen images (for retouched image/album services).

Our signature style is the perfect blend of reportage and creative photography. As reportage photographers, we follow you and your guests through your wedding day, capturing events as they unfold, with minimal interference, to tell the story of your day. We fade into the background and become invisible observers in order to capture candid, un-posed moments as they occur. We also incorporate elements of other photographic styles, such as portraiture, fine art, high fashion, natural light and illustrative photography, to enhance our wedding photography. We appreciate that every wedding day and every couple is different and has different wishes and requirements, and so we adapt our style and our services to suit each wedding we shoot.

Getting to know you is a vital part of creating the perfect wedding services and photography for you. As we prepare for your wedding, we have the opportunity to get to know each other via email, telephone, and where possible, also to meet up.

In the weeks before your wedding, we also send you a form for completion with details about you, your wedding day your personal style, your preferred photography style and your must-have photos. This, together with the information captured during our chats, provides the basis for our plan of the day and our understanding of how to adapt our services to you.

Lighting doesn’t pose a great problem for us as our equipment is very light sensitive, enabling us to shoot with only a small flash in very dark conditions. For conditions of extreme darkness, we have a portable flash that allows us to overcome any problems.

You receive a copy of your final images on digital support, so if you lose or damage pictures in your album, you will be able to have new copies printed from your digital copies. Because of the excellent quality of the images, you will be able to have these printed locally without having to contact us for new prints.

Though we recommend you also keep backup copies of your images, we keep our own backup copies of the original images from your wedding day for at least 5 years after the date of your wedding, so should you damage or lose your images, you will be able to contact us for new copies.

Our videographers are a select team that have been working with us for a number of years. Alfonso also trained as a videographer while undertaking his photography training so is very experienced in and passionate about the video medium As our photographers, each of our videographers has been hand-picked by Alfonso.

Our video editors produce a final montage for each wedding which is then inspected by Alfonso before it is finalised to be sent to you…we like to be certain that each of our wedding videos reflects and complements the style of your wedding photos and the mood of your wedding day.

Our video services are available with one or two cameramen and result in a final HR movie-style montage of approx. 30 mins on digital support. It is also possible to receive copies of the full original footage from your wedding day if you wish. The final montage includes a music soundtrack that can be chosen by you or by us, according to your preference, interspersed with original audio from the day.

We also offer mini movie-style montages of c. 3 minutes and aerial drone services which are available subject to venue permission and suitable flying conditions.

On our website, you will find a selection of wedding videos demonstrating our style and approach.

In order to confirm our service for your wedding day, we ask for a completed and signed contract together with a small confirmatory deposit payment. Then, your balance payment can be made at any time before or on the day of your wedding.

We are happy to hold dates for you, for a short period, while you await a wedding date confirmation or while you consider our services.

Hopefully the information above will answer any and all questions you may have. However, if you do have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

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