Kimberly and Anthony’s enchanting wedding in Ravello, Italy, was a celebration of love and joy against the stunning Amalfi Coast backdrop. Their love story and meticulous wedding preparations unfolded in one of the most picturesque coastal locations.

The celebration, shared with family and friends at Felicia’s Home Restaurant, added warmth to the magical atmosphere. From heartfelt vows exchanged with breathtaking Mediterranean views to joyous festivities, each moment testified to their deep connection and the beauty of their chosen destination.

Ravello’s historic charm and scenic beauty set the stage for a romantic event. Cobblestone streets, historic villas, and blooming gardens provided a picturesque backdrop for the couple’s journey into matrimony. The love between Kimberly and Anthony was evident in every detail, from decor choices to laughter echoing through the air.

Friends and family witnessed the couple’s commitment to a lifetime of happiness, with Felicia’s Home Restaurant serving as a focal point. Delectable cuisine, infused with local flavors, added an authentic Italian touch, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

As Kimberly and Anthony began this new chapter, Ravello’s memories became integral to their love story. The destination wedding was a union of souls and a fusion of cultural richness and natural beauty. The echoes of their celebration will undoubtedly resonate, creating cherished memories for the couple and those fortunate enough to witness their special day.

Video highlights of Andrea and Nolan’s intimate October wedding in Ravello, celebrated with their closest family members. The most beautiful moments from this Ravello wedding.

Following the couple’s preparations with their families at the Hotel Moresca, Andrea and Nolan’s civil wedding ceremony in the Ravello town hall gardens.After the wedding ceremony in Belvedere Principessa di Piemonte gardens, the couple’s stroll through the pretty streets of Ravello.

Then celebratory aperitifs at the Caffè Calce on Ravello’s main square, Piazza Duomo.Later, the couple’s wedding dinner at the  family-run Hotel Garden Ravello. First speeches then dinner, followed by Andrea and Nolan’s first dance and cake cutting.

Tuscany wedding video highlights of Hannah & Andy’s wedding in Tuscany, in the country setting of Castelnuovo Berardenga, in Siena. Our Tuscany wedding videographer video highlights of a wedding in Tuscany.

Following the couple’s wedding preparations, their wedding ceremony at the Certosa di Pontignano, a converted monastery.

Then, the newlyweds’ stroll through the grounds of the Certosa before their vintage car journey to the 17th Century Villa Catignano. Following pre-dinner aperitifs in the villa’s Italian Gardens, the wedding banquet and cake cutting in the villa’s courtyard.

Later, Hannah & Andy’s first dance followed by further dancing and celebrating, during the after-party in the villa’s Tatiana Hall.


Theresa and Leo married in Amalfi, the pretty, colourful and bustling seaside town from which the Amalfi Coast takes its name.  

The couple and their guests prepared for the wedding at the Hotel Santa Caterina. The venue is an elegant, 19th-century villa in the art nouveau style and a 5-star hotel.

Theresa and Leo married in a Catholic wedding ceremony at the Duomo di Amalfi. The Duomo is the town’s 9th-Century cathedral, which sits atop a wide staircase overlooking the main square.

After the ceremony, the newly-weds and their guests enjoyed champagne, cocktails and canapes, served on Amalfi’s main square by the Bistro Fratelli Pansa.

The bistro overlooks the cathedral and the main square in Amalfi, which is the bustling, colourful heart of the town. As Theresa and Leo crossed the square, passersby greeted them with cheers and applause.

Then Theresa, Leo and their family members and friends returned to the hotel Santa Caterina.

The post-wedding celebrations began with delicious aperitivi and cocktails, which were served in the hotel’s terraced gardens.

Afterward, the bride and groom and their guests enjoyed a delightful wedding dnner in the hotel’s Al Mare restaurant. The restaurant perches above the sea and offers a stunning panorama.

After dinner, Theresa and Leo cut their wedding cake on the restaurant’s open-air terrace as their guests looked on. 

Notably, Theresa and Leo also arranged a wonderful dessert buffet. So, in addition to the wedding cake, guests sampled an array of the most fabulous cakes and desserts.

Then, Theresa and Leo performed their first dance as their family members and friends looked on, before joining them on the dancefloor. 

Following Theresa and Leo’s preparations with family at the Hotel Santa Caterina, a luxury villa-hotel, the wedding ceremony.
Theresa and Leo’s Catholic church wedding at the Duomo di Amalfi, the cathedral of Amalfi.

Then, cocktails and canapes at the Bistro Fratelli Pansa on Amalfi’s main square.
During aperitifs, the couple’s stroll through the streets of Amalfi. Later, the wedding reception at the Hotel Santa Caterina, beginning with award-winning cocktails in the terraced gardens, then the wedding dinner at the Restaurant Al Mare.

Following dinner, the cutting of the wedding cake, dessert buffet, first dance and post-dinner dancing on the hotel’s sea-view terrace.

A Positano church, Rada restaurant & Music on the Rocks wedding video. Mini movie video highlights of Julie & Michael’s wedding day in Positano at the Santa Maria Assunta church, Rada restaurant and Music on the Rocks.

A selection of the most special and memorable moments from this Positano wedding. Following their pre-wedding preparations, Julie & Michael’s church wedding ceremony in Positano in the beautiful Santa Maria Assunta church overlooking the beach area of the town.

Then scenic shots of the bride and groom in Positano. Later, the newlyweds’ wedding reception at the modern, Mediterranean-style Rada restaurant, overlooking the the beach and sea. Then, Julie & Michael’s first dance and after party at Music on the Rocks, Positano’s chic nightclub.

Lucinda and Steven celebrated their wedding in the enchanting and elegant setting of Ravello on the Amalfi Coast.

The couple were married in a Catholic wedding ceremony at Santa Maria a Gradillo, an graceful 12th Century church in the heart of the mountaintop town. Santa Maria a Gradillo combines Mediterranean architecture with a mix of Byzantine and arabic art and offers a warm, intimate atmosphere.

While guests enjoyed post-ceremony aperitifs on Ravello’s main square, Piazza Duomo and before the wedding reception at the nearby Hotel Garden Ravello, Lucinda and Steven wandered through the streets of this charming little town, before visiting one of Ravello’s most beautiful and most famous landmarks, the gardens of Villa Rufolo.

The gardens offer breath-taking panoramic views of the rugged, brightly-coloured Amalfi Coast far below. The striking skyline, vibrant colours and dramatic light during Lucinda and Steven’s wedding day made for some truly evocative and eye-catching photography.

Ravello-based wedding planners extraordinaire Angela Malafronte and Rosaria Ruocco of Ravello Events, designed and created Lucinda and Steven’s refined and romantic wedding day.


Niamh and Gavin married in the pretty, seaside town of Santa Maria di Castellabate on the Cilento Coast. This charming and characteristic Italian beach town, within the Cilento National Park, something which particularly appealed to Niamh and Gavin, who were seeking an authentically Italian wedding destination.

Niamh and Gavin were married in a Catholic ceremony in the town’s Santuario Santa Maria a Mare. After the ceremony, the couple and their guests, accompanied by a traditional guitar and mandolin duo, walked to nearby L’Ancora for aperitifs on the beach-front deck, where they sipped glasses of prosecco as they enjoyed the early April sunshine.

Niamh and Gavin visited the Marina Travierso, also known as the ‘Porto delle Gatte  Santa Maria’s old harbour, with its characteristic 12th Century arched building, jetty and lovely sea views.

The couple held their wedding reception at the Palazzo Belmonte is a hidden, historic oasis of charm an exquisite nobleman’s palace with an extensive park.

The wedding banquet was served in an impressive marquee set in the secluded splendour amidst the lush green of Palazzo Belmonte’s Mediterranean gardens. Gold coloured chairs were set around tables with white linens and  golden candelabra centrepieces.

Following the delicious wedding dinner, the wedding cake was served on the lawn in front of the marquee, as apecially arranged fireworks lit the sky around the venue.Niamh and Gavin’s danced their first dance at the pool-side covered terrace, with music provided by a live band.

Niamh and Gavin’s wedding day was designed, created and perfected for them by Lisa Stack of Amore Weddings.

Here are just a small selection of images from Niamh and Gavin’s delightful wedding day:

Stacey and Chris celebrated their wedding on a bright and breezy September day, in Ravello.

Stacey prepared for her wedding day at the Palazzo Avino, a luxurious 5-star hotel and former private villa, accompanied by her close family and friends. Meanwhile, Chris met up with his family and friends at the Belmond Hotel Caruso, for a pre-wedding toast.

An English-speaking priest celebrated the couple’s wedding mass at Santa Maria a Gradillo – an elegantly simple 11th-Century church.After the ceremony, the couple and their guests walked to the Piazza Duomo for aperitifs at the Caffè Calce. During aperitifs, while guests soaked up the local atmosphere, the newlyweds visited some of the town’s prettiest spots for photographs.  Later, they rejoined their nearest and dearest for the walk up to the Belmond Hotel Caruso, for the wedding reception.

The Belmond Hotel Caruso is a stunning 5-star hotel – and former 11th-Century palace – offering breathtaking Amalfi Coast views.The wedding party had pre-dinner aperitifs in the hotel’s Wagner Gardens, lush, flower filled terraced gardens, shaded by hanging vines and olive trees.

While guests tasted delicious delicacies they also sampled a selection of cocktails created by the Caruso’s barman extraordinaire.During aperitifs, Stacey and Chris took moments alone together to enjoy the hotel’s various ambiences, including the renowned infinity pool. Due to the pool’s spectacular setting, it seems to hover between the mountains, sky and sea.

The elegant, candle-lit wedding banquet was also celebrated in the Wagner Gardens, against the stunning panorama of the Amalfi Coast.

After cutting their elegant wedding cake, Stacey and Chris laughed, chatted and celebrated into the night, with their loved ones!

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Hannah and Andy married in the pretty Siena countryside of Castelnuovo Berardenga, in the heart of Tuscany. The couple exchanged their wedding vows in the evocative seting of the Certosa di Pontignano, a converted Monastery.

The Certosa is an exquisite venue with cloistered gardens, graceful chapels and pretty apartments. Later, the bride, groom and guests celebrated at the charming 17th Century Villa Catignano, nestled in the lush, green Tuscan countryside.

The wedding party sampled aperitifs in the villa’s lovely Italian Gardens, before dinner. Meanwhile, the bride and groom visited the grounds for photographs together before rejoining their guests.

Then they enjoyed the wedding banquet in the elegant courtyard, where, later, Hannah and Andy also cut their wedding cake.  Then, guests gathered in the lovely Tatiana Hall for the newlyweds’ first dance before the remainder of the evening’s entertainments.

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