The gentle combers of the sea swelled in harmony, as Villa Antiche Mura reigned cliffside in magnificent grandeur. On a blithe Thursday, fragments in time captured Sorrento standing still right before Daphne and Dan on their day of matrimony.

Gleaming in serenity, amidst the delicate balance of earth’s infinite blue gradients, is elegance. A glorious muse, vested in immaculate ivory and the luminosity of love, helmed the panoramic South Italian landscape.

His enamored gaze, her radiant grace, and their fervor for forever seized the solace of eternity and careened day into nightfall. Together with cherished family and friends, an abundance of love and laughter, the couple danced with the horizon, savoring moments tinctured by the eloquent symphony of nature’s palette.

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Villa Vettica is a luxurious villa located in the town of Amalfi on the Amalfi Coast in southern Italy. The villa is perched on the cliff overlooking the Tyrrhenian sea, and surrounded by beautiful gardens and terraces with panoramic views.

With perfect background and romantic settings ,it was a perfect venue for Kathy and Bill’s wedding day.

Surrounded with close friends and family the celebrated very emotional symbolic wedding ceremony with heartfelt vows.

After the ceremony, the guests made their way to the reception and the newlyweds spend some time taking beautiful portrait  photos .

As the night settled over the sea ,and the moon peaked over ,Kelly and Bill  went on celebrating their love.

With moon and magical settings our newlyweds smiled and they knew that they would cherish the memories of their wedding day forever.

Tiffany and Adam, two souls in love, decided to seal their love in the picturesque setting of Ravello, exchanging vows that marked the beginning of their journey together. The chosen venue for this magical moment was none other than the splendid Villa Eva, a corner of paradise immersed in the beauty of the Amalfi Coast.

The ceremony was an ode to modernity and intimacy, blending the tradition of eternal vows with a contemporary touch. Tiffany, radiant in an elegant gown, and Adam, charming in his suit, exchanged deep and sincere vows, promising each other love, respect, and companionship along the path of life. Friends and family shared in the joy of the newlyweds at this lovely villa, joining forces to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The intimate ceremony allowed everyone to experience the emotion of this special moment up close, creating indelible memories shared among loved ones.

The banquet, tastefully arranged, offered a culinary feast that delighted those in attendance. Delicious food and fine wine contributed to making the atmosphere even more joyful as guests toasted to the happiness of Tiffany and Adam.The evening continued with music and dances, creating a festive and carefree atmosphere. The couple opened the dance floor with grace and joy, demonstrating that their love is an energetic and joyful beginning to a life together.The day at Villa Eva was an unforgettable experience, a mix of tradition and modernity that made Tiffany and Adam’s wedding unique and special. The journey just begun for this enterprising couple promises to be full of adventures, love, and lasting happiness.

Isabella and Peter have decided to crown their dream of love with an intimate ceremony on the Amalfi coast. Starting from the famous town of Ravello, where they captured romantic photos of the two of them in the splendid Villa Rufolo, they arrived in the seaside town of Amalfi to admire its charm and its beauties and finally reach the historic HN Hotel which gave a magical touch to the exchange of their promises of love. Their fairytale wedding was expertly curated by the hands of Linda Gatto.


Nothing was missing on DeNeatra and Kayin’s special day. It was a mix of love, joy, elegance and most of all a lot of fun, despite an intimate wedding. In which only their closest friends and relatives attended, they left nothing to chance. Mediterranean Hotel is an elegant unique place for a magical wedding, all with attention to the smallest details. DeNeatra and Kayin got married September in a ceremony held in the on its famous vista Sky Bar, just a few meters away from the waves with an exceptional 360 °. Viewthen then dined and danced the night away at the fabulous glamorous Orange Grove Garden.

In the magical setting of Ravello, destiny has woven its thread of love, intertwining the lives of Jason and Julia in an eternal bond. Under the blue sky of the Amalfi Coast, the Principessa di Piemonte Garden has become the sanctuary of a love destined to blossom into an indissoluble union.

The ceremony, full of intimacy and romance, was like a love melody performed in the harmony of hearts beating in unison. As Jason and Julia’s knowing glances met, the garden witnessed the eternal promise of sharing joys and sorrows, of being each other’s refuge in the serene and stormy days of life.

The warmth of the sun reverberated in the whispered promises, and the flowers of the Principessa di Piemonte Garden contributed to the growth of a love that borders on perfection. Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone, silent witnesses of their union, opened the doors to a world of emotions captured by the lenses of photographs, immortalizing every moment of pure happiness.

The spouses, enveloped in the enchanted atmosphere of Ravello, shared laughter, passionate glances and promises that vibrated in the air like notes of a love symphony. Every corner of Villa Rufolo became a living painting of their feelings, while Villa Cimbrone caressed their hopes with the sea breeze.


Simple, stylish, and head-over-heels romantic, this Italian destination wedding reminds us of why the Amalfi Coast is such an  iconic place to get married. And, for this lovely American couple, there could be no better setting for this momentous day! A romantic Hotel  Marincanto with a fairytale terrace offering a special view on the sea… an intimate event to share with their nearest and dearest, enjoying the wonderful city of Positano at its best, discovering its hidden culinary secrets and special feeling… When reality outdoes dreams, that is where you will find the marvelous Amalfi Coast!

Maggie and Jeff couldn’t dream of a better day to share with their closest friends and families… They celebrated the most moving symbolic ceremony ever… and the setting was simply stunning! The lovely terrace was just perfect for ceremony .

The dinner was served at the spectacular restaurant La Tagliata that offers a incredible views over Galli isles and Capri .It is just so special to have your sit-down dinner on a terrace with views on the sea… or the cutting on the cake with Positano in the background, with the city lights and stars reflecting onto the sea… So romantic!

Maggie and Jeff let their stunning sea view location takeover with  decor that was sweet and simple. Add some special friends and family,  speeches, and fine Italian fare, and they had the kind of intimate, romantic, and entirely dreamy destination wedding, that couples dream of.

Tuscany is a region with some of the most spectacular castles in Italy, but this is without a doubt one of the “fairy tale” wedding venues in Tuscany.

Perfectly situated in the heart of the region, on the top of the hill, surrounded by magnificent countryside and offering spectacular views over hectares of vineyards, Castello di Gabbiano was magical place where Marie and Zach celebrated their  dream wedding.

With family and friends they celebrated their symbolic ceremony  overlooking the stunning panoramic union between the land and vine. After very romantic and emotional exchange of their vows Zach and Marie were welcomed as husband and wife by their guests.Aperitifs followed, served in the enchanting open air courtyard .

Guests were greeted for dinner by the spectacular setting in beautifully laid out garden with candles  and special fairy lights.

It was truly suggestive wedding, beautiful people, fun and lot  of love for newlyweds couple.

Highlights of the Massa Lubrense wedding film.
A mini wedding film of the special day of Sofie & Fabrizio on the Sorrento Coast.

Highlights of this sweet and chic wedding in Massa Lubrense at the Oasi Olimpia Relais.

Elizabeth and Alfred celebrated their romantic and close family wedding at villa Cimbrone. Villa Cimbrone  is a 12th Century country residence, set in a centuries-old six hectare park. It sits at the very top of Ravello, therefore offers spectacular views across the Amalfi Coast.

The venue is a unique and thoroughly enchanting setting for a wedding .Elizabeth and Alfred celebrated their  wedding ceremony in one of  Vila Cimbrone gardens. The flower-filled, Tea Room garden, features a beautiful and characteristic open pavilion and is filled with colorful ancient roses. For Elizabeth and Alfred’s ceremony, lovely arrangements and garlands of white roses, peonies and otherflowers decorated the garden.After the ceremony,

Elizabeth and Alfred wandered through Villa Cimbrone’s charming gardens and grounds. Later, they visited the sublime Terrace of Infinity. The terrace is a natural balcony, adorned with eighteenth century marble busts. As such, it boasts truly breathtaking and unparalleled  views,Elizabeth and Alfred’s family members also joined them on the terrace for group photographs. Meanwhile, guests enjoyed aperitifs in one of the villa’s gardens. Later, Elizabeth and Alfred joined their guests to share  a celebratory toast.

Then guests strolled to  Cimbrone’s Crypt, an evocative Gothic-style open gallery, for the main wedding banquet.After dinner and speeches, Elizabeth and Alfred cut their delicious wedding cake in the Crypt’s mystic and romantic setting. Then they performed their first dance for their guests.

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