Villa Vettica is a luxurious villa located in the town of Amalfi on the Amalfi Coast in southern Italy. The villa is perched on the cliff overlooking the Tyrrhenian sea, and surrounded by beautiful gardens and terraces with panoramic views.

With perfect background and romantic settings ,it was a perfect venue for Kathy and Bill’s wedding day.

Surrounded with close friends and family the celebrated very emotional symbolic wedding ceremony with heartfelt vows.

After the ceremony, the guests made their way to the reception and the newlyweds spend some time taking beautiful portrait  photos .

As the night settled over the sea ,and the moon peaked over ,Kelly and Bill  went on celebrating their love.

With moon and magical settings our newlyweds smiled and they knew that they would cherish the memories of their wedding day forever.

Isabella and Peter have decided to crown their dream of love with an intimate ceremony on the Amalfi coast. Starting from the famous town of Ravello, where they captured romantic photos of the two of them in the splendid Villa Rufolo, they arrived in the seaside town of Amalfi to admire its charm and its beauties and finally reach the historic HN Hotel which gave a magical touch to the exchange of their promises of love. Their fairytale wedding was expertly curated by the hands of Linda Gatto.


Wedding dream at Sorrento

The soothing waves of Sorrento Bay and the enamoring color palette of the Divine Coast was the idyllic landscape for Anne Marie and Chris’ momentous day of matrimony. But on this 10th of May, something winsome permeated the crisp Italian winds of Hotel Mediterraneo. Taming Mount Vesuvius’ majestic prominence is a delicate air of pure joy, love and harmony.
Radiant in a dainty white gown, laced with floral intricacies, the stunning bride and her willow irises glistened from day to night, luminous as the sun set, when the symbol of their forever gently wrapped her left finger, and brightest, with the invigorating touch of her groom’s presence. Circled by beloved friends and family, this intimate ceremony was filled with delicious food, graceful dancing and infinite laughter – ushering the couple through the night and into the warm embrace of eternity – as one.

Theresa and Leo married in Amalfi, the pretty, colourful and bustling seaside town from which the Amalfi Coast takes its name.  

The couple and their guests prepared for the wedding at the Hotel Santa Caterina. The venue is an elegant, 19th-century villa in the art nouveau style and a 5-star hotel.

Theresa and Leo married in a Catholic wedding ceremony at the Duomo di Amalfi. The Duomo is the town’s 9th-Century cathedral, which sits atop a wide staircase overlooking the main square.

After the ceremony, the newly-weds and their guests enjoyed champagne, cocktails and canapes, served on Amalfi’s main square by the Bistro Fratelli Pansa.

The bistro overlooks the cathedral and the main square in Amalfi, which is the bustling, colourful heart of the town. As Theresa and Leo crossed the square, passersby greeted them with cheers and applause.

Then Theresa, Leo and their family members and friends returned to the hotel Santa Caterina.

The post-wedding celebrations began with delicious aperitivi and cocktails, which were served in the hotel’s terraced gardens.

Afterward, the bride and groom and their guests enjoyed a delightful wedding dnner in the hotel’s Al Mare restaurant. The restaurant perches above the sea and offers a stunning panorama.

After dinner, Theresa and Leo cut their wedding cake on the restaurant’s open-air terrace as their guests looked on. 

Notably, Theresa and Leo also arranged a wonderful dessert buffet. So, in addition to the wedding cake, guests sampled an array of the most fabulous cakes and desserts.

Then, Theresa and Leo performed their first dance as their family members and friends looked on, before joining them on the dancefloor. 

Following Theresa and Leo’s preparations with family at the Hotel Santa Caterina, a luxury villa-hotel, the wedding ceremony.
Theresa and Leo’s Catholic church wedding at the Duomo di Amalfi, the cathedral of Amalfi.

Then, cocktails and canapes at the Bistro Fratelli Pansa on Amalfi’s main square.
During aperitifs, the couple’s stroll through the streets of Amalfi. Later, the wedding reception at the Hotel Santa Caterina, beginning with award-winning cocktails in the terraced gardens, then the wedding dinner at the Restaurant Al Mare.

Following dinner, the cutting of the wedding cake, dessert buffet, first dance and post-dinner dancing on the hotel’s sea-view terrace.

Betty and Erich’s amazing wedding day adventure took them from the chic seaside setting of Amalfi to the charming mountaintop ambience of Ravello. The couple’s wedding day encompassed the graceful Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi and the luxurious Belmond Hotel Caruso in Ravello.

The couple created a lovely ‘first look’ moment, during which they first saw each other in their wedding attire. The first look took place in the Convento’s evocative cloister setting.

Then, Betty and Erich whizzed along the Amalfi Coast roads in a vintage red Alfa Romeo Spider towards Ravello. The bride and groom celebrated a romantic and intimate wedding ceremony in the Hotel Caruso’s pretty, panoramic Wagner Gardens.

A traditional Neapolitan guitar and mandolin duo accompanied guests as they celebrated. Betty and Erich were sprinkled with a tray of Italian confetti, in a tradition deemed to bring good luck to newlyweds.

Then, the wedding party returned to the Belmond Caruso where they dined in the hotel’s pretty Arcade Bar. Later, Betty and Erich cut their wedding cake at the hotel’s fabulous infinity pool area.

Then, after performing their first dance, guests joined them on the dance floor. Betty and Erich’s wedding day adventure ended amid delicious cake, dancing and lots of merriment.

Lucinda and Steven celebrated their wedding in the enchanting and elegant setting of Ravello on the Amalfi Coast.

The couple were married in a Catholic wedding ceremony at Santa Maria a Gradillo, an graceful 12th Century church in the heart of the mountaintop town. Santa Maria a Gradillo combines Mediterranean architecture with a mix of Byzantine and arabic art and offers a warm, intimate atmosphere.

While guests enjoyed post-ceremony aperitifs on Ravello’s main square, Piazza Duomo and before the wedding reception at the nearby Hotel Garden Ravello, Lucinda and Steven wandered through the streets of this charming little town, before visiting one of Ravello’s most beautiful and most famous landmarks, the gardens of Villa Rufolo.

The gardens offer breath-taking panoramic views of the rugged, brightly-coloured Amalfi Coast far below. The striking skyline, vibrant colours and dramatic light during Lucinda and Steven’s wedding day made for some truly evocative and eye-catching photography.

Ravello-based wedding planners extraordinaire Angela Malafronte and Rosaria Ruocco of Ravello Events, designed and created Lucinda and Steven’s refined and romantic wedding day.


Amanda and Richard celebrated their intimate Amalfi coast wedding day in Ravello and Amalfi.

The couple got ready at the idyllic Hotel Villa Cimbrone, nestled at the top of the mountaintop village of Ravello. Later, while groom Richard waited at the ceremony setting, the bride made her way through the town’s cobbled streets.

The bride was accompanied by the couple’s sole guest, Amanda’s brother, who also played guitar during the ceremony. After their wedding, ceremony in the lush garden setting of Ravello’s Belvedere Principessa di Piemonte, the couple strolled to Ravello’s square. Then, they shared a celebratory toast at one of the square’s charateristic bars.

From there they visited the charming Villa Rufolo gardens for photographs before travelling to nearby Amalfi. After further photographs around the atmospheric streets, the bride and groom left for a romantic wedding-day boat trip.

Gabrielle and Case celebrated their elope wedding on the Amalfi Coast, in glamorous style. The couple had a whistlestop tour and photo shoot at some of the coast’s most pretty and picturesque seaside locations.

First, they stopped in the tiny seaside town of Atrani.

Atrani’s narrow alleys, squares, buildings and ‘scalinatelle’ (stairways), as well as its wonderful atmosphere, make it a truly unique experience.

Gabrielle and Case wandered up and down the town’s steep, whitewashed staircases, before walking through the pretty main square.

Then they visited the lovely the beach and jetty. The main square of this traditional fishing village leads directly to the beach via an antique passageway which was created to save boats from storms at sea.

Atrani is the smallest town on the Amalfi Coast and notably, is the only one to faithfully preserve its antique, traditional characteristics.

Then, the couple travelled to the nearby vibrant seaside town of Amalfi, surrounded by dramatic  cliffs and colourful, coastal scenery.

The elegant couple captured stunning sea views from the town’s port and promenade area before visiting the magnificent 11th Century Duomo di Amalfi. The cathedral dominates the town’s main square from atop a long staircase stretching up from Piazza Duomo.

Finally, the couple stopped in the pretty seaside town of Maiori, a popular tourist resort since Roman times. Maiori has the greatest unbroken stretch of beach on the Amalfi coastine.

The crystal clear water and expanse of sand and pebble beach make Maiori a favoured holiday destination. And also a very appealing photo location, as Gabrielle and Case’s pictures show!

Meridith and Brett celebrated their wedding on the Amalfi Coast. They shared their intimate and idyllic Amalfi and Ravello wedding day with their parents.

The bride and groom and their wedding party prepared for the wedding at the NH Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi. The luxurious hotel blends modern comforts and design with the 12th Century building’s history as a monastery. Notably, as it perches on an Amalfi cliff-side, the hotel offers spectacular panoramic views.

Before departing for the ceremony, bride Meridith visited the hotel’s atmospheric 13th Century Norman-Arab cloister. After which she travelled to the mountaintop town of Ravello, accompanied by her father.

Meanwhile, in Ravello, groom Brett, accompanied by his parents, awaited Meridith’s arrival at the ceremony venue.
The couple’s intimate civil ceremony was in the pretty gardens of the Belvedere Principessa di Piemonte.

Meridith and Brett exchanged their vows then their wedding rings, against the breathtaking coastal panorama. During the ceremony, they were accompanied by the soft and romantic tones of a harp.

Afterward, the newly-weds wandered through Ravello’s picturesque pathways, for photographs. Then, they joined their parents for al-fresco aperitifs in Piazza Duomo, Ravello’s charming main square. As they sipped prosecco and sampled the delicacies, the intimate wedding party enjoyed the appealing atmosphere.

Later, the newly-weds and their parents continued their wedding celebrations with a delicious dinner at the Palazzo Avino. This exquisite hotel is housed in a 12th Century nobleman’s villa.

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