In the magical setting of Ravello, destiny has woven its thread of love, intertwining the lives of Jason and Julia in an eternal bond. Under the blue sky of the Amalfi Coast, the Principessa di Piemonte Garden has become the sanctuary of a love destined to blossom into an indissoluble union.

The ceremony, full of intimacy and romance, was like a love melody performed in the harmony of hearts beating in unison. As Jason and Julia’s knowing glances met, the garden witnessed the eternal promise of sharing joys and sorrows, of being each other’s refuge in the serene and stormy days of life.

The warmth of the sun reverberated in the whispered promises, and the flowers of the Principessa di Piemonte Garden contributed to the growth of a love that borders on perfection. Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone, silent witnesses of their union, opened the doors to a world of emotions captured by the lenses of photographs, immortalizing every moment of pure happiness.

The spouses, enveloped in the enchanted atmosphere of Ravello, shared laughter, passionate glances and promises that vibrated in the air like notes of a love symphony. Every corner of Villa Rufolo became a living painting of their feelings, while Villa Cimbrone caressed their hopes with the sea breeze.


Elizabeth and Alfred celebrated their romantic and close family wedding at villa Cimbrone. Villa Cimbrone  is a 12th Century country residence, set in a centuries-old six hectare park. It sits at the very top of Ravello, therefore offers spectacular views across the Amalfi Coast.

The venue is a unique and thoroughly enchanting setting for a wedding .Elizabeth and Alfred celebrated their  wedding ceremony in one of  Vila Cimbrone gardens. The flower-filled, Tea Room garden, features a beautiful and characteristic open pavilion and is filled with colorful ancient roses. For Elizabeth and Alfred’s ceremony, lovely arrangements and garlands of white roses, peonies and otherflowers decorated the garden.After the ceremony,

Elizabeth and Alfred wandered through Villa Cimbrone’s charming gardens and grounds. Later, they visited the sublime Terrace of Infinity. The terrace is a natural balcony, adorned with eighteenth century marble busts. As such, it boasts truly breathtaking and unparalleled  views,Elizabeth and Alfred’s family members also joined them on the terrace for group photographs. Meanwhile, guests enjoyed aperitifs in one of the villa’s gardens. Later, Elizabeth and Alfred joined their guests to share  a celebratory toast.

Then guests strolled to  Cimbrone’s Crypt, an evocative Gothic-style open gallery, for the main wedding banquet.After dinner and speeches, Elizabeth and Alfred cut their delicious wedding cake in the Crypt’s mystic and romantic setting. Then they performed their first dance for their guests.

Alice and Alex were married in Ravello, at Palazzo Avino, a stunning five-star deluxe hotel on Italy’s famed Amalfi coast. The venue is a unique and thoroughly enchanting setting for a wedding event. The couple married on the pretty, sea-view terrace of the Palazzo Avino. Afterward, as guests soaked up the views and charming atmosphere, Alice & Alex slipped away for photographs together.

The newlyweds strolled around the town, stopping in some of the most picturesque spots, before recommencing their celebrations. Alice and Alex then rejoined their guests for the wedding reception. Later, Alice and Alex enyoed their guests with their first dance while this charming couple’s sophisticated wedding event, drew to a close.

Sophie and Oliver’s church wedding in Ravello was a beautiful and memorable event. The couple exchanged their vows in a charming old church overlooking the scenic Amalfi Coast. The ceremony was filled with love and emotion, with family and friends gathered to witness their union.

After the church ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests proceeded to a stunning villa Eva in Ravello for the reception. The villa was perched on a hill, offering breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. The reception was held in the villa’s lush garden, adorned with elegant decorations and vibrant flowers. Guests enjoyed a sumptuous Italian feast, with dishes like pasta, fresh seafood, and delectable desserts.

The evening was filled with dancing, music, and heartfelt toasts, creating a joyful and unforgettable celebration for Sophie and Oliver as they began their journey as a married couple in the romantic setting of Ravello.

The beautiful resort town provided the perfect backdrop for David and Lauren’s wedding. Miles of sea, mist, white cliffs and beautiful blue skies made the outdoor photographs look stunning.

The bride, looking ravishing next to her groom, wore a white fitted  wedding dress. The groom also looked dapper in his suite.

The two were a stylish couple and  camera lenses loved them. We had fun shooting in the gardens of Villa Cimbrone and took great advantage of the landscape and the priceless Roman architecture, both inside and outside the buildings. After all, it’s not every day that you get the opportunity to enjoy such a beautiful moment in Villa Cimbrone, the medieval-style estate perched on a steep outcrop that is surrounded by one celebrated garden after another.

After David and Lauren  exchanged their vows in Villa, it was followed by a romantic dinner to celebrate their new married status. It was so beautiful and everything and elopement is made of. And what makes this couple’s even more romantic is that they chose a destination wedding which could easily double as their honeymoon.

Tahisha and Dormois celebrated their romantic wedding at Ravello. The couple said “I do”in the charming gardens of Principessa di Piemonte.

After the ceremony, Tahisha, Dormois and their guest walked to the picturesque main square where they had post ceremony aperitifs accompanied with vivid musical duo who played traditional Italian music.

Their magical wedding banquette was served in lush lawns of the Villa Cimbrone gardens.
The couple strolled down to the villa’s famed “Terrazza dell Infinito” that with its spectacular position and breathtaking panoramic views, offers unforgettable moments.

Following wedding banquette, our lovely couple Tahisha and Dormois, cut their elegant 3-tier wedding cake, and preformed  their fist dance as new Mr. and Mrs.Bazile

Video highlights of Andrea and Nolan’s intimate October wedding in Ravello, celebrated with their closest family members. The most beautiful moments from this Ravello wedding.

Following the couple’s preparations with their families at the Hotel Moresca, Andrea and Nolan’s civil wedding ceremony in the Ravello town hall gardens.After the wedding ceremony in Belvedere Principessa di Piemonte gardens, the couple’s stroll through the pretty streets of Ravello.

Then celebratory aperitifs at the Caffè Calce on Ravello’s main square, Piazza Duomo.Later, the couple’s wedding dinner at the  family-run Hotel Garden Ravello. First speeches then dinner, followed by Andrea and Nolan’s first dance and cake cutting.

Betty and Erich’s amazing wedding day adventure took them from the chic seaside setting of Amalfi to the charming mountaintop ambience of Ravello. The couple’s wedding day encompassed the graceful Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi and the luxurious Belmond Hotel Caruso in Ravello.

The couple created a lovely ‘first look’ moment, during which they first saw each other in their wedding attire. The first look took place in the Convento’s evocative cloister setting.

Then, Betty and Erich whizzed along the Amalfi Coast roads in a vintage red Alfa Romeo Spider towards Ravello. The bride and groom celebrated a romantic and intimate wedding ceremony in the Hotel Caruso’s pretty, panoramic Wagner Gardens.

A traditional Neapolitan guitar and mandolin duo accompanied guests as they celebrated. Betty and Erich were sprinkled with a tray of Italian confetti, in a tradition deemed to bring good luck to newlyweds.

Then, the wedding party returned to the Belmond Caruso where they dined in the hotel’s pretty Arcade Bar. Later, Betty and Erich cut their wedding cake at the hotel’s fabulous infinity pool area.

Then, after performing their first dance, guests joined them on the dance floor. Betty and Erich’s wedding day adventure ended amid delicious cake, dancing and lots of merriment.

Lucille and Kris celebrated their enchanting elopement wedding in Ravello. The couple stayed and celebrated their wedding at the wonderful Belmond Hotel Caruso.

Lucille slipped on her stunning wedding dress, while Kris waited in the hotel’s gardens for the couple’s first look moment. After their first look, Lucille and Kris wandered through the Caruso’s elegant interiors and gardens for photographs. The lovely couple exchanged rings and promises during
wedding ceremony in the hotel’s Wagner Gardens.

The gardens are a lush, flower-filled, Mediterranean-style idyll.The couple visited Villa Cimbrone’s graceful botanical gardens, the pretty, rose-filled tea room with its lovely cloister.

Then they walked the pathway to the temple of the Goddess Ceres which leads onto the  renowned Terrazza dell’Infinito. The Terrace of Infinity is  decorated with Roman busts and boasts spectacular and unparalleled views. The newly-married couple then returned to the Belmond Hotel Caruso for final photographs by the impressive infinity pool. Finally, Lucille and Kris enjoyed a delicious and romantic celebratory dinner.

Andrea and Nolan celebrated their romantic and intimate family wedding in the mountaintop Amalfi Coast town of Ravello.

The couple and their guests, stayed at the Hotel La Moresca, a converted house featuring traditional Ravello architecture. The hotel sits on the historic Piazza Fontana Moresca, a square named for its impressive 18th Century Moorish fountain.

While stunning bride Andrea finished her wedding day preparations, dapper groom Nolan met up with his family  members before the ceremony.

The couple married in the Belvedere Principessa di Piemonte gardens. Nolan and guests watched Andrea’s entrance, escorted by her father.

Andrea’s mum joined Nolan and his family for the arrival of the bride, as Andrea was escorted by her father. A solo violinist accompanied the bridal entrance and played during the ceremony.

Following the sweet wedding ceremony, the group walked together through the streets to Ravello’s main square, Piazza Duomo. They paused along the way, as Andrea and Nolan captured photographs in some of the town’s prettiest spots. They even stopped to admire and play with Ravello’s adorable local kittens!

Then, Andrea and Nolan left their family members to enjoy drinks and nibbles at Piazza Duomo’s Caffè Calce. Meanwhile, the newlyweds captured more photographs alone together, around Ravello.

Later, Andrea and Nolan rejoined their guests for the wedding reception at a lovely, family-run hotel and restaurant, the Hotel Garden. There, they dined on the venue’s main terrace, enjoying a delicious meal while admiring the breathtaking views.

During the wedding dinner, featuring delicious traditional recipes made with the freshest local ingredients, Andrea and Nolan welcomed and toasted their guests.

Later, the bride and groom danced their romantic first dance and playfully cut their wedding cake, to their families’ delight!

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