Once upon a time, a wedding gift registry was a truly valuable thing, but nowadays, when most couples either already live together or have their own houses, and have pretty much everything they could possibly need, a list of wedding gifts can be quite difficult to put together. After all, what on earth do you buy the couple who has absolutely everything…including a toaster and a casserole dish?

If you’re planning or considering a wedding, whether at home or abroad, you will, no doubt, have realized that they’re fairly expensive events. Naturally, I believe wedding photography is a wonderful investment and will be repaid countless times over other years as you look at your wedding photographs and bring back lovely memories.

If anything your wedding album and the photographs it  contains will increase in their value to you as you come to cherish them more and more. However, at the wedding planning stage, photography can be one of those elements that is sidelined because of the cost implications.

If you’ reconsidering a core wedding photography service, that fits within your wedding budget but would dearly like to add extra elements or option to your service, then why not add these options to your wedding gift list and allow your guests to buy these for you.

By adding these elements to your wedding gift list, you give your family and friends the opportunity to buy you a gift that you will cherish forever and a gift that will truly keep giving you happiness throughout the years! Although it won’t toast your bread for you!

For those of our brides and grooms considering adding photographic elements to their wedding gift registry, please contact us at info@alfonsolongobardi.com

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