When marrying in a hot setting such as Italy, it’s always tempting to soak up the sun in the days before your wedding.A healthy, sun-kissed hue can look very attractive and appealing.However, too much of a tan can look a little unnatural, especially when you look through your wedding photographs at a later date…particularly for a bride, dressed in white, ivory or another very pale shade that can exaggerate the depth of your sun tan.

As for tan lines  the enemy of strapless dresses  as the digital retouching guide on our website explains, nowadays, retouching software and techniques allow photographers to edit, enhance, correct and manipulate images.

So, you would, quite rightly, think that removing a bathing strap mark or tan line, wouldn’t be such a problem, alas that’s not always the case.

Lines and marks can offer differ greatly from the tanned areas surrounding them and retouching these areas to the same colour as your tan can create a very unnatural finish.

Our recommendation would always be that natural is best, so to try to avoid strap marks and tan lines where possible and where not we will create as natural and even a finish as possible!

So, to tan or not to tan…as usual there’s no right answer, just one piece of advice…

everything in moderation!

Monique and Ben married at the Villa San Giacomo, an elegant and charming private villa high in the hills of Positano but within easy walking distance of the centre of this picturesque Amalfi Coast town.

The stylish couple and their guests all stayed, and prepared for the wedding day, in the villa’s sumptuous rooms and suites. Monique and Ben’s wedding ceremony was celebrated in the villa’s verdant, flower-filled, tree-shaded Mediterranean garden with it’s magnificent views of Positano and its coastline.

After the ceremony and a celebratory toast with their guests, the couple walked from the villa, down the winding roads and narrow staircases to the centre of Positano, for photographs of the bride and groom. On their return to Villa San Giacomo, they joined their guests for the wedding speeches followed by the wedding banquet which featured a delicious array of traditional, local delicacies.

The bride and groom cut their delectable, artistically-prepared fresh fruit wedding cake and shared a toast with their guests before opening their wedding after-party with their specially-choreographed first dance.

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