A wedding on the Amalfi Coast | Testimonial

Dear Alfonso and Team,

First of all, thank you so very much for the wonderful and stunning photographs and video we received in the mail! We waited very anxiously to see what our Positano wedding looked like and once the photos and video came in, we were astounded!  Your work is truly remarkable  and completely exceeded our expectations.

We chose to get married in Positano because of the beauty it held, and your talents and efforts showcased our rainy wedding in Positano is all it’s beauty. When we arrived at the Comune di Positano, your photography team greeted us and assured us we were in capable hands. As the rain began to pour, we had our ceremony where they made every effort to capture this special moment.

We truly do appreciate that you went out of your way to give us each photo and experience scenery we could only dream of. One moment specifically stood out to us, near the end of the day  we were standing on the beach under an umbrella and we looked over to see our photographer and videographer huddled under the downpour of rain with a single umbrella  making every possible effort to capture the moments after our ceremony.

At that moment I truly felt the commitment and dedication from your team to ensure our day was photographed and every aspect regardless of unfavourable weather.

Thank you so very much for that, and at the end of the day, words truly do not do any justice  we cannot thank you enough for the photos and video that captured our dream wedding and the most beautiful day we could imagine.

Thank You, Claudia & Victor Speciale

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