A Perfect Wedding in Amalfi Coast

A perfect wedding in amalfi coast.

We were planning our wedding in Ravello, Italy, Alfonso and his team were shown to us by our wedding planner. After some consideration we liked the look Alfonso and his team had done most, and they also had the best value for money for the package we wanted. On our wedding day they started on our hotel room (the groom, Luke, had been kicked out already). The bride, Katie, she was getting ready with her mum, her sister (also the bridesmaid) and the mother of the groom. Alfonso and Stefania took some amazing photos of the Amalfi coast perfectly.

Afterwards they joined the groom, his best man and shortly after the guests. They captured the ceremony perfectly even though you barely noticed they were there. Villa Rufolo just next to the square. After the ceremony we went to the village for a short break after the bride and groom. It’s a beautiful place, and even though I was like I was running out of the right time.

Afterwards we walked to the venue where we were having dinner and the reception. They were captured by the beauty of the place (Belmond Hotel Caruso) and took some pictures of us and our guests.
Even though our planning went to a bit of dinner, they stayed until the very end and they were even organized to give you our first dance to the bit sooner than originally planned so they could take photos of that as well. We were waiting for 10 hours in the end) and we were going to get the best photos by DHL, they would digitally enhance 100 photos of their choice and send them over the internet. They ended up enhancing 186 photos, one looking even more stunning than the next. We are all in love with you and we are looking forward to meeting you.

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