Wedding Day in Sorrento Testimonials

Alfonso, Anna, and team,

I don’t know how to start writing this email because I am at a loss for words. There are not enough words- and nothing that comes close- to expressing our gratitude for your team’s hard work.
The only investment I wanted to put all of my resources towards was my photo and videography team and I made the BEST choice with you all. I am in complete disbelief at the beauty you captured and transformed in to total works of art.
The first night we watched our video I think I watched it on repeat at least 20 times. Back to back to back, crying, laughing, everything was so beautiful and perfect! Geoff also agrees but won’t admit he cried too haha!
I was finally able to show my parents yesterday and we did the same thing. Watched it over and over with everyone crying and smiling and laughing.
I can never thank you enough. I would like to say I was lucky- but that would b

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