Cloisters & Villa Antiche Mura Sorrento Wedding Video


Sorrento Cloisters
Villa Antiche Mura

A Cloisters and Villa Antiche Mura Sorrento wedding video.

Mini movie video highlights of Lisa and Paul’s stylish and sophisticated and wedding day in Sorrento, at the Cloisters and Villa Antiche Mura.

A selection of the unforgettable events and unmissable moments from this Sorrento summer wedding.

Following their pre-wedding preparations, highlights of Lisa and Paul’s civil wedding ceremony in Sorrento at the San Francesco Cloisters.

Later, the couple’s stroll around the streets of the historic centre of Sorrento. Then, highlights from the newlyweds’ wedding reception, including their cake cutting and first dance, at Villa Antiche Mura.

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