Capri Wedding at Caesar Augustus Hotel


Caesar Augustus
Caesar Augustus

Nicole and Patrick married on the enchanting island of Capri. They first fell in love with Capri during a Mediterranean cruise, when Nicole and Pat agreed that a Capri wedding would be a dream come true experience.

However, they felt it was something far too glamorous for ‘normal people’ to do! Well, Nicole and Patrick’s dream did come true! They celebrated an intimate  and very glamorous  wedding event for their closest family and friends, at the Caesar Augustus Hotel.

Nicole and Pat married on the hotel’s infinity terrace, which sits 1000 metres above sea level. The ceremony area  was decorated with delicate floral arrangements in white and pale green and scatterings of rose petals. After the ceremony, guests admired the fabulous views as they enjoyed aperitifs.

Meanwhile, Nicole and Pat travelled to some of their favourite island spots, in a chic, vintage, red FIAT Cabriolet taxi. Nicole and Pat visited the bustling, colourful port of Marina Grande and walked through the charming streets of the little town of Capri to the Gardens of Augustus.

The terraced botanical gardens overlook the sea and offer an 180-degree panorama of the island, Mount Solaro, Marina Piccola, and the famous Faraglioni. Later, Nicole and Pat enjoyed a refreshing iced lemon granita drink and creamy lemon flavoured ice cream. Returning to the Caesar Augustus, Nicole and Pat visited the stunning seascape by the hotel’s pool, during the spectacular sunset.

The couple and their guests celebrated an intimate family dinner, after which Nicole and Pat cut their lemon-flavoured, lemon decorated wedding cake. While guests sampled the wedding cake and a wonderful buffet of cakes and delicacies, Nicole and Pat danced their first dance. Nicole and Pat’s wedding day dreams came true in a truly unforgettable and once in a lifetime event!

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