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Hotel Mediterraneo
Hotel Mediterraneo

Wedding dream at Sorrento

The soothing waves of Sorrento Bay and the enamoring color palette of the Divine Coast was the idyllic landscape for Anne Marie and Chris’ momentous day of matrimony. But on this 10th of May, something winsome permeated the crisp Italian winds of Hotel Mediterraneo. Taming Mount Vesuvius’ majestic prominence is a delicate air of pure joy, love and harmony.
Radiant in a dainty white gown, laced with floral intricacies, the stunning bride and her willow irises glistened from day to night, luminous as the sun set, when the symbol of their forever gently wrapped her left finger, and brightest, with the invigorating touch of her groom’s presence. Circled by beloved friends and family, this intimate ceremony was filled with delicious food, graceful dancing and infinite laughter – ushering the couple through the night and into the warm embrace of eternity – as one.

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