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symbolic ceremony at Villa Antiche mura

Villa Antiche Mura ,Sorrento

The Villa Antiche Mura is an elegant private wedding venue  villa, in the seaside town of Sorrento. Hannah and Benjamin exchanged their wedding vows, in front of their families and friends, during a romantic, symbolic ceremony that took place on one of the villas  enchanted terraces.

The villa features superbly situated terraces as they sit on a cliff edge that overlooks the Sorrento shoreline. Notably, they offer panoramic views across the sea to the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius.

Afterward, Hannah and Benjamins guests nibbled and sipped the delightful post-ceremony aperitifs, as they admired the views. Meanwhile, Hannah and Benjamin stopped for photographs as they wandered through the villa’s charming gardens and admired the panorama from the terraces and balcony.

The newly-married couple’s delicious gala dinner was served on the villa’s tree shaded red terrace. After dinner, the couple cut their pretty, tiered wedding cake, against the spectacular evening coastline backdrop.  Hannah and Benjamin cut the cake surrounded by fairly lights, wrapped around the tree trunks and lanterns.

Later, Hannah and Benjamin performed their first dance, before the after-party began in earnest! Then, the couple’s guests took to the dance floor to join the newlyweds Hannah and Benjamin, as they danced the night away.

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