Capri Wedding Testimonial | Nicole & Patrick

What an incredible day captured by an incredible team!!! We cannot thank Alfonso Longobardi and his team enough for the unbelievable photographs and video of our wedding in Capri, Italy.

Planning a wedding from such a great distance away and not being able to meet the photographer and videographer who would be capturing our special wedding moments naturally left us a bit nervous. After our first communication with Carmen, we felt immediately at ease. She kept us on our toes meeting deadlines and made the entire process a breeze and quite enjoyable.

Initial samples of our storybook album, photos, and video from the wedding spoke volumes and left us wanting more. We could not wait for the completed project! When we received our storybook book album right around the Christmas holiday it was another great gift to our storybook year. We also enjoyed showing the video to our friends and family at a small post wedding reception. The beauty and specialness of the day was captured exquisitely and had many of our guests teary eyed. The meticulous work done by those at Alfonso Longobardi exceeded our expectations.

From start to finish on our wedding day, we loved working with Alfonso, Carmen and Gaetano. Whether we were driving down the road in our convertible or racing through the streets of Capri, the team was documenting every second and making it fun. We knew that our photos and video would be amazing! Their professionalism and enthusiasm throughout our special day was exceptional. We both fondly remember Alfonso’s excitement about the shots he was getting in the Gardens of Augustus-natural and simply gorgeous.

You truly captured all of the magical moments of our wedding day, and we are appreciative of your thoroughness and attention to details. Your photography and videography are simply breathtaking, and they will help us to enjoy the special time that we spent Italy for the rest of our lives. Thank you so much for helping to make our wedding such a wonderful day and giving us beautiful pictures to go along with beautiful memories that we will cherish for a lifetime.

Thank you, Nicole and Patrick

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